I have not see any actions taken on this principal. Perhaps no one seen all the photos of these young girls, that is why no pressure to MOE about this matter. Leonard Koh Yiak Kheng is not just one case, there are many more cases happening. Unfortunately, some were covered up by MOE themselves. I seen 1 or 2 cases in my school  too.

The teacher was acquainted after all his denial and the student were reprimanded and accuse of lying. In the end, the student was forced to admit wrong and apologised to the teacher.

I am not saying that I am holy or god-sent nor am I hoping that I can become someone great. But I hope that whatever that I am putting up here, I am not directing on the Principal, Leonard Koh but also a reminder that our children can be vulnerable when the education system is just all out to protect their teachers.

May GOD bless all children in the world!